Molly Hooper's diary is a fictional blog written by a character in the BBC One drama, Sherlock.

25 March

Sorry, I've been really busy recently. Work is the same old. Caroline's left. Which we're all quite happy about because we were sick of hearing about that flipping hedge.

Toby's still brilliant. He sleeps on my bed now which is really nice. Toasty!

Oh, and Sherlock came in again tonight. And he was his usual arrogant self! And he was blatantly flirting with me and I know he's doing it and I should tell him to stop but I don't! And, of course, he was only doing it so I'd help him with something. As soon as he got what he wanted, he was off.

OMG! I nearly just wrote 'At least Toby will never leave me'. I am becoming a Mad Spinster!


Oh!! How can I delete this?! I meant to say 'you-know-who' not his name!!
Don't read this! Nobody read this!

Molly Hooper 26 March 00:12

Hi, sorry, are you the lady who works in the morgue? The one with the nose?

Jim 26 March 00:14

Who are you?

Molly Hooper 26 March 00:15

Sorry! I work in the IT dept. Stupid night shift.

Jim 26 March 00:17

Are you all right? You've gone quiet...

Jim 26 March 00:22

Sorry. I'm just feeling a bit silly. I didn't know anyone read my blog. What's wrong with my nose?

Molly Hooper 26 March 00:26

Nothing. It's a cute nose. I hope you don't mind me saying. I'm here all night so I need more coffee.

Jim 26 March 00:28


Molly Hooper 26 March 00:30

Do you like coffee?

Jim 26 March 00:32


Molly Hooper 26 March 00:34

Would you like to meet for coffee? In the canteen?

Jim 26 March 00:35

Erm... okay. 5 minutes?

Molly Hooper 26 March 00:40

See you there!

Jim 26 March 00:41